Comfort & Safety

by Hoax Hunters

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The best music can stop time. The best songs have sounds that surround you, drowning out everything else. They annihilate year and age.

On Comfort and Safety, Hoax Hunters flood you with a hell of a lot of the best music. Fleets of buzz-rumble guitars that pull you out of your day, wave on wave of songs bust loose, buoy and buffet, like your first favorite record all over again.

This record is a torrent of noisy American rock: Sonic Youth squeals, Hüsker Dü hook-howls, Drive Like Jehu's ascending tensions, Dag Nasty's drenching intensity.

Living - like making truly excellent music - is no riskless business. Most of what we see and hear and are is just a copy of a copy, and the biggest hoax there is just might be that "comfort and safety" in this album's title. When Hoax Hunters unleash the full power of volume and anthem-chanting all that matters is that there's these great songs for you to fall into for a forever moment.


released August 5, 2014

Arranged & Performed by:
Tim Falen, James O'Neill & PJ Sykes
September 2013 - February 2014

Recorded & Mixed by Allen Bergendahl at Scott's Addition Sound, Viking Recording HQ, and Cherub Hill all in Richmond, VA

Mastered by Josh Quarles at Q Sound

Songs, Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Cover Photo, Tuning Fork Collage & Layout: PJ Sykes

Drums: James O'Neill

Bass: Tim Falen

Live bassist: Ben Nicastro

Homemade Electric Dulcitar on "Erase": Dave MF Watkins

Vinyl Release by Negative Fun Records in Raleigh, NC

Digitally released by Cherub Records in Richmond, VA



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